A Fresh Start

A warm hello to my dear readers. I am ashamed to say the blog has been neglected for far too long. 2017 has turned out to be a bit of a busy year for me, and my plans for the blog just seemed to fall through or were pushed to the side, with deadlines and projects looming throughout the year. With the end of 2017 fast approaching though and the guilt-ridden realization that I haven’t posted for months… I decided I needed to sit down, and figure out what I really wanted to do with this little corner of mine.

A lot of my absence has been because of a growing fear of niching myself here on the blog. I would say, my main hangout online is over on Instagram, but with changes that have occurred the last year with the algorithm and what not, I’ve actually been a bit disenchanted with IG, so I’ve found I’ve been taking longer breaks in-between posting, and just have felt a little blah about the whole app if I were to be completely honest. Because of this, my thoughts have been turning towards my blog again. This space is technically the only place that I myself own, and won’t be going anywhere without my permission. It isn’t affected by a wonky algorithm or likes, etc., so why am I not utilizing it more?

I initially started this blog, because the writer in me, decided I needed a place for my little rambles (not limited by a caption or word count). I started out with so many ideas, and excitement, but then I began to fear that like my IG account, I could easily become niched and not be able to address all the varied and diverse passions of mine. I quickly found instead of being able to write and create, creative blocks occurred and a fear of and hesitation to create set in all too quickly. I have been asking myself why for months now.

After a few brainstorming sessions, motivational podcasts and blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers, I’ve decided I need to just crack on. Take this one post at a time, and post about ALL that I love. So there will be positive changes coming to Ramblings Of A Red Headed Snippet. First up, I plan on posting regularly – at least once a week. I also want to concentrate on expanding this blog and making it a bit more interactive with my readers. This will include covering more topics and areas of interest, interviews with some of my favorite bloggers, working with contributors, holding giveaways, recording podcasts, creating a newsletter and revamping a Book Club that was started a couple of years ago on Goodreads. I’ve also thought about stepping outside of my comfort zone and creating a few videos and vlogs – give me courage!

After all is said and done, I’d really like to focus on this blog, not only making it my main platform but also an enjoyable place to visit, filled with motivating and uplifting content.

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